My journey to learn Python as a Petroleum Engineer

Amin Noor
6 min readAug 15, 2020
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To be called literate in the 2020s there is a good chance you must know how to code. It may seem an exaggeration, but I certainly believe it would be true for engineering roles. I still remember vividly when in 2014 President Obama participated in the ‘Hour of Code’ to encourage students to pick up coding. Those students are entering the job market now and in the coming years and I cannot even imagine how much of impact they would have in the way we live and work. One thing I know is learning how to code is fun, liberating and can save you lots of trouble in the long run while makes you look smarter than you are (certainly true in my case).

Now if you want to start learning Python, you do not have a problem of finding resources, you will have a unique problem of picking the right one. Sometimes it seems to me there are more python tutorials online than the population of earth! (a bit exaggeration but you get my point). My experience in learning new skills over the last few years has taught me one thing, the most time-consuming yet crucial part is mapping the learning path. If I get that part right, things fall in place nicely. I spent a lot of time online and offline discussing with experienced users to map the path for my learning and over the last few years, I have helped many friends and colleagues with where to start Python and how to approach it. In my previous workplace, I advocated for a formal python training to leadership, once I got their approval I researched, picked and tailored the course to suits our Petro-technical engineers and the course was successfully delivered on February 2019.

Photo by Dlanor S on Unsplash

Today I am going to share with you some of the frequent questions I receive and my answers to them. My hope is these questions and answers would ease your way on your journey to learn Python. I share the post on my LinkedIn and my Medium page, and I hope to update it regularly. Please use these as a guideline alongside your research. If you find alternative resources that were helpful please feel free to share them with me or comment them down below for everyone’s benefit. Also please do not hesitate to ask away your questions in the comment or direct…

Amin Noor

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