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Amin Noor
3 min readApr 26, 2023

One of the best life hacks I learnt was to create a dedicated music playlist for any trip that you go on. Later, when you listen to that music, they are associated with that vacation. My partner and I have made this a habit and expanded on it, we list to Podcast series or an Audiobook in our road trips and it has been great. Driving by and exploring the beautiful nature of Australia while learning about something new or getting entertain by an enjoyable book is a high pleasure that few things can reach that high for me.

As a reservoir engineer in an exploration team, an investor, and a Data science enthusiast I love dealing with probabilistic and uncertainties. Listening to the story of gamblers, seeing how they mastered the art of both applying probabilistic and using psychology to mark their names is a big attraction to me. In our latest road trip, we listened to season 2 of a great podcast called Gamblers.

I was introduced to Andrew Neeme, the Pied Piper of Poker, in an episode on the second season. Andrew is a professional poker player. He is not a WPT champion, nor is he famous for making hundreds of millions during his lifetime. What he is famous for is the innovative way he used his vlog. He is the first Poker player that took YouTube viewers behind the scenes of the life of a professional poker player. He achieved many things through that humble vlog adventure that you can listen to in the podcast, but what stood with me the most was through his vlog he made the life of a professional poker player accessible to all and that is a huge game changer.

If you want to take poker seriously as a profession, studying the life of the greatest of all-time may not be helpful to you. Those players are mostly tail events, they are right on the top, due to many exceptional circumstances that made them so special. Based on a normal distribution, you are far more likely to be somewhere in the middle than right on the tails. Hence, a skilled professional player showing you behind the scenes in Poker and showing you all the good, bad and the ugly can be much more relatable and useful when you want to start and decide if the path is the right path for you.

Tail event representation on a normal distribution as plotted by Bing GPT

And that gave me the confidence to write more here. Instead of trying hard to write the ‘ultimate’ article every time, I will try to write more articles centered around my career and how I am building my skillset in Data science and Petroleum engineering. My idea here is, my geeky approach to various things in my career, might be as much fun, interesting and informative to others as it is to me and hopefully you will relate to some of it.

Going forward, you can expect 1 or 2 articles per month, ranging from how I am going to use Python to automate Reservoir Engineering workflows to how great my new EV is and everything in between. I will share my small discoveries (for the lack of better word). If I have a bright moment, an innovative idea, a new automation method that can scale, I will share it here and you will be the first to see it. I hope to see you in future articles. So, subscribe now if you haven’t already, so you do not miss my next writings.

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